Eggs Canna Farms is a BC based cultivation facility specializing in unique genetics and breeding. Our Master Grower and Co-Founder has been amassing and creating unique and sought-after strain varieties for over 20 years.


EC Farms is excited to bridge the pre-legalization market with the now legal framework; our facility will bring much needed experience and much awaited plant varieties.


EC Farms will be launching in 2023!


Andrew Cappellano (CEO, Co-Founder, Master Grower)

Andrew brings nearly 20 years of experience as a cannabis cultivator. He was first licensed under the MMAR system back in 2004, which allowed patients to either purchase marijuana from a licensed producer or grow it themselves. The nearly two decades of experience as a cannabis cultivator allows Andrew to bring expertise within genetics and creation of unique strains. Throughout his career, Andrew has overseen the construction of numerous grow facilities. At Eggs Canna, Andrew leads the production aspect by implementing proven cultivation systems, which are proven to maximize yields and general quality of product while maintaining alignment with GPP and GMP standards.

Oana Cappellano (President, Co-Founder)

Through her six years of extensive entrepreneurial experience within the cannabis industry, Oana brings valuable experience in regulatory processes, business development, marketing, and general tactical management, all of which led to the generation of over $4 million in annual sales from Eggs Canna dispensaries. Previously, Oana served in management roles within the service and healthcare industry. At Eggs Canna, Oana is the lead for Research & Development, which will include working alongside the most innovative industry leaders. Oana will also focus directly on expanding the women-focused sector, corporate strategy, general expansion, investor relations, operations, sales, branding, and regulatory affairs.

Angie Macnab CPA, ACCA (CFO)

With over 25 years of experience on the financial side of numerous industries, Angie is the lead on Eggs Canna’s strategic finance operations, accounting, forecasting, business planning, business analytics, management reporting, and governance and compliance. Angie previously served eight years in the wholesale sporting goods industry, seven years as Controller and later Director of Finance & Administration for Browns Social House restaurant chain, which rapidly grew to generate over $150 million in annual revenue during Angie’s tenure. Before joining Eggs Canna, she also served as Controller for Kernaghan Adjusters (insurance). Angie is well-suited in developing finance and accounting infrastructure and internal control systems during hyper growth, as well as negotiating vendor contracts.